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Fikus Enterprises, LLC. specializes in the following Services:

Post cards, Fyers, Brochures, Banners, Rigid Signs, and Restaurant Menu.

Mailing EDDM Services - we do the work for you for 22.5 cents a piece
(includes EDDM Postage)

Fikus Flyers - Flyers distributed on pizza boxes to targeted areas.

Direct Mail - Menus, Post Cards, Flyers customized by Fikus Enterprises, LLC.

Media Consultation - Available (732.241.0580 | grace@fikusmedia.com )

S.O.S. Tapes (Supermarket Outstanding Saving) - This is our newest product. It’s a collaboration between Fikus Enterprises LLC and several Food Town Supermarkets. Fikus Enterprises LLC has sole authorization to sell advertising space on the receipt tapes that are used at the checkouts of these locations.


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